Clerkenwell Communities - Dogs

This is the first chapter in a series that documents some of the close-knit communities that exist in the confines of Clerkenwell. Despite being in the heart of Central London - a space not known for it’s space - the neighbourhood has become home to an increasing number of dogs, each with a passionate human aside them. A diverse group of around thirty people have connected through a WhatsApp group, to make what they have work, for the benefit of both dog and owner. Through this group, owners organise to meet at Spa Fields at the same time every day, to maximise the small space that the local park offers; as well as share stories, tips and experiences. I got together with some of the members who either live or work in Clerkenwell and photographed them at their favourite dog spots in the area. The result is a snapshot of the communal spirit and diversity that’s still very much alive in this ward. Some of the images were subsequently published in The Clerkenwell Post.