Argentina - San Antonio de Areco

Two hours outside the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, lies the sleepy pampas town of San Antonio de Areco. Renowned for it’s inescapbale mix of Gaucho and Artisanal culture, San Antonio is a step back in time. In one corner, you’ll find the Gaucho - enduring icons of Argentinian culture -  these nomadic cowboys can be seen taming wild horses, drinking mate tea, hustling cows or relaxing in the dark corners of the town’s bars. In the other corner, industrious silversmiths, potters, weavers, saddlemakers and artists can be discovered, burrowed away, working silently and meticulously. It’s amazing to witness. This slower pace of life. Life - back to slow. A project with Penelope Chilvers x Cazenove & Loyd

Film produced for Cazenove + Loyd & Penelope Chilvers in 2019 (over two days). Featured in Vogue: